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I am Dr. LaWana Richmond and I curate this web page.
We live in a moment when adversity and the opportunities it presents beckons us all to rise above ourselves. 
I have been in the business of making things happen (often something out of nothing) for my entire career.  Let me know how I may be of assistance. If you're trying to get on my calendar, click hereI invite you to engage.  Whether it be political, community,  equity, inclusion, or other forms of activism - Get off the sidelines.  I did.   Subscribe to updates if you are interested in staying informed. If you are familiar with the work I do and want to be supportive, click here to buy me a coffee.

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1 a movement in literature, music, art, etc., featuring futuristic or science fiction themes which incorporate elements of black history and culture.

The Black Speculative Arts Movement: Black Futurity, Art+Design is a 21st century statement on the intersection of the future of African people with art, culture, technology, and politics.
Dr. LaWana Firyali Richmond has been appointed by Dr. Reynaldo Anderson to organize and lead BSAM San Diego. Appointed by Dr. Reynaldo Anderson to serve as San Diego Coordinator, I look forward to co-creating and implementing visions for our future with you!
Let's link up like Voltron and make some things happen!

Upcoming Events

Past Events 

Art * Music * Film * Cosplay * Innovators * Creators * Thought Leaders Afro Con = Afrofuturist Consciousness Convention

Afro Con 2022

Ubuntu: Because We Are

Friday, September 2nd through Sunday, September 4th

Come celebrate and enjoy comic book artists, cosplay, arts, and culture in the spirit of Ubuntu: I am because we are and because we are therefore I am.

Future of Divine Femininity and Divine Masculinity: Dr. Keisha Clark, TRU7H,

Performing Artist: Kahlil Nash

Our Vision is to provide an educational, entertaining, and informative space for creative and critical thinkers alongside community builders to experience speculative futures and the multiverse as an exploration of art as well as a world of opportunities.

Afrofuturism Lounge - July 21-22, 2022
Downtown San Diego
During San Diego Comic Con 
@Quartyad, 1301 Market Street, San Diego, CA 92101
Fangaea Fan Con 
Afrofuturism, Just Fun and Games or...?

May 1, 2022
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7th Annual
Social Justice and Education Conference

March 23-24,2022 
San Diego City College
We Are Not Here To Be Bystanders
Thursday, March 24th at 11:10 am
11:10-12:35 PM
Ajani Brown, Dr. LaWana Richmond, Antoinette Van Sluytman

Black Feminist Futures Series:
Black Women Organizing for the Future

by Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture

Thu, March 24, 2022

9:00 AM – 10:30 AM PDT

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The Schomburg Center's Black Feminist Futures series features programs highlighting the relationship between Afrofuturism & Black feminism.

About this event


Join us for Black Women Organizing for the Future, a virtual conversation on Black women’s organizing through art, freedom dreaming, and collective politics to fundamentally transform the lives of all people, but especially the lives of Black women and MaGes (marginalized genders). The program features activist and artivists Ziggy, Dacia Polk, Schetaunna Powell, Zaika Dos Santos, and Queen Kukuyu, and will be moderated by LaWana Richmond​.

Black Feminist Futures Series

The Black Feminist Futures Series features programs highlighting the powerful and long-standing relationship between Afrofuturism and Black feminism in genres ranging from literature, film, art, fashion, and community organizing. Our programs include Dr. Kinitra Brooks, Sheree Renee Thomas, Tananarive Due, Andrea Hairston, Dacia Polk, Tanya Fields, Dr. Lawana Richmond, and many more! The series is presented by the Schomburg Center's 10th Annual Black Comic Book Festival.


Black Woman and Theories of the Future | Saturday, February 19 at 12:30 - 2:00
Planting for the Future | Wednesday, March 9 at 12:30 - 2:00
Black Women Organizing for the Future | Thursday, March 24 at 12:30 - 2:00

VIRTUAL PROGRAM | This program will be streamed on YouTube. You must register with your email address in order to receive the link to participate. Please check your email shortly before the discussion to receive the link.
PRESS | Please send all press inquiries (photo, video, interviews, audio-recording, etc) at least 24-hours before the day of the program to Leah Drayton at leahdrayton@nypl.org.

I curated and moderated this panel for Edfu Foundation as a parallel event for the 66th convening of the United Nations Conference on the Status of Women. 
Recording on YouTube
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Black Nerds Expo 2/26/22
12:00 - 12:45 PM PST: Afrofuturism: All Fun and Games, Or...? by Dr. LaWana Richmond

An introduction/overview of Afrofuturism and discussion of its possibilities for entertainment, entrepreneurship, and enlightenment by Dr. LaWana Richmond, founder of Afro Con SD, cofounder and organizer of Afrofuturism Lounge, and creator of Afrofuturism Dream Tank, and treasurer for DETOUR Empowers.

Black Comics Day @ Worldbeat Center

UC San Diego Black Staff Association presents: 
Presidents' Day Forum
Facilitated by Dr. LaWana Richmond
2/17/22 @ 11:30 am
Cafe X hosted BSAM SD Unpacking the Matrix on December 30,
2021 at 6:00pm,
1835 Imperial Ave, San Diego, CA 92102 and online. 

In the spirit of Kwanzaa, Dr. LaWana hosted a free presentation on Kwanzaa and Afrofuturism on Zoom - 12/23/21 at noon.  Here is link.


November 20, 2021, 3pm
@ The Hamlett Coffee Shop, 7801 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945

Black Speculative Arts Movement
Info Session and Launch

Calling Black writers, and artists (visual and performing) as well as Blerds to come to learn about the Black Speculative Arts Movement.

“There was a restlessness in the creative community at the beginning of this decade, a dissatisfaction with a certain aspect with politics going on, and a desire to get the art and political ideas a platform. That lead to us forming, putting together the exhibition, and then me subsequently writing the manifesto for the movement.”

— Co-Founder Dr. Reynaldo Anderson


November 18, 2021 1pm - 3pm

@ 1835 Studios 
1835 Imperial Avenue, San Diego, CA 92102

Dr. LaWana on Building Community in This 21st Century

Let's talk about building cooperative and collaborative communities that support your business, organization, initiative, and or values. 

Dr. LaWana shared theory, tools, tips, and techniques for connecting with customers, constituents, neighbors, or clients. 
Afro Con (the Afrofuturism Convention) is where Black Comic Creators, Artists, Writers, Designers, and Innovators  Collide!

2021: September 4th and 5th- Hybrid Event

Over 1,000 people between the ages of 2 and 82 visited Afro Con this year. 

Our Vision is to provide an educational, entertaining, and informative space for creative and critical thinkers alongside community builders to experience speculative futures and the multiverse as an exploration of art as well as a world of opportunities. 
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Afrofuturism Dream Tank is an immersive experience of art, music, comics, science fiction, science fact, history, and current events curated and facilitated by Dr. LaWana Richmond.  It seeks to catalyze one's imagination to dream forward to co-create visions of the future we want with a focus on reverse-engineering the process to identify actions that support manifestation.  At a minimum, you will be entertained and at best inspired as well as energized. 

I am passionate about Afrofuturism and hosted a free Afrofuturism Dream Tank at UC San Diego on February 14, 2021.  Featured artists are Alyce Smith Cooper, the Brown Fairy Godmother/Poet/Educator, Adria Fox, Urban Alchemist, Qamar Bradford, Visual Artist/Cofounder Afrofuturism Lounge, King Britt, Educator/DJ/Producer, and Maxx Moses, Community Artist/Educator.
Monday, February 15, 2021, we recorded a live interview with Dr. Anthony Browder and Afua Richardson on the next episode of the Afronauts. 


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"Your work is amazing and forward-thinking. I know April, my daughter would like to envision future schools as micro multi-aged schools where subjects of real import are taught to children, that nature would play a large part of the education for all ages, that history be taught truthfully and that all are treated as individuals with no labeling of special needs but each child taught according to their individual needs.
"Loyalty to a petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul." Mark Twain
~Mari Peterson
Dr. LaWana Richmond is a selfless cognizant leader. She pays attention to details and will make decisions that benefit the common good. She is trustworthy and transparent. 
As an educator and a parent, I believe that she will serve in an unbiased way.
Dr. Barney J. Wilson
As a student affairs professional trying to figure out my own pathways, I am inspired by Dr. Richmond's story and her passions.
Best regards,
Kyler Nathan IV


The breadth and depth of content curated will vary and occasionally events and programs will come up spontaneously.  Subscribing to this list is one way of ensuring you don't miss anything. I'm looking forward to connecting with you on and off of the internets. 

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