Dr. LaWana Richmond is an individual who embodies the principles of Afrofuturism and believes it is society's path forward. She has taken significant steps to prepare herself for this path by acquiring various degrees and certificates in diverse fields.

Her educational background includes degrees in business, information systems, and educational leadership. These areas of study equip her with a well-rounded understanding of different domains and their interconnections. With a degree in business, she possesses knowledge of organizational dynamics, strategic planning, and resource management. Her information systems degree provides her with a solid foundation in technology and data analysis. Lastly, her educational leadership degree supports work in effective management and leadership in educational settings.

Additionally, Dr. Richmond has obtained certificates in project management, change management, and process engineering. These certifications demonstrate her commitment to honing her skills in managing complex initiatives, leading organizational change, and optimizing operational processes. Such expertise is valuable for navigating the evolving landscape of society and driving positive transformations.

Moreover, Dr. Richmond has completed training in restorative practices, indicating her dedication to fostering healing and reconciliation. Restorative practices are focused on resolving conflicts, promoting inclusivity, and repairing harm through dialogue and community engagement. By incorporating these practices into her life, she actively contributes to creating a more compassionate and equitable society.

Dr. Richmond's adherence to the philosophy of Ubuntu, encapsulated by the belief that "I am because we are and therefore I am," guides her actions and interactions. Ubuntu is an African concept that emphasizes the interconnectedness of individuals and the significance of communal well-being. It encourages a sense of shared responsibility and empathy for others. By embodying this principle, Dr. Richmond recognizes the importance of collective efforts in shaping the future.

In summary, Dr. LaWana Richmond's educational background, certifications, and commitment to Ubuntu theory showcase her dedication to Afrofuturism and preparing for society's path forward. Through her diverse knowledge and practices, she seeks to make a positive impact on the world and foster a sense of unity and shared progress.


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