Dr. LaWana Richmond could be referred to as a Black female Di Vinci or modern-day Hatshepsut (hat-SHEP-suit)
At UC San Diego she serves as the Organizational Development Manager for Transportation Services where she creates frameworks, systems, and tools to support engagement, learning, and innovation.
Co-founder and Organizer of Afrofuturism Lounge and Afrofuturism Dream Tank as well as Afro Con.
Board Member for Alliance San Diego, Detour Empowers, Edfu Foundation, and Grio'neers. Also a member of the United Nations International Civil Society Working Group for the Permanent Forum on People of African Descent. 
She has been reading and watching science fiction and horror for more than 40 years and she still hasn’t had enough. 

She is a Mother and Grandmother
Her favorite word in the dictionary is nebulous (because it describes something that can be anything). 
I am because we are and because we are therefore I am from the Ubuntu people aligns and resonates with her spirit and how she moves in the world. 


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